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Luther Monson

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Luther Monson

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Originally born and raised in the Midwest, Luther moved to the expansive deserts of the American Southwest after receiving a Bachelor of the Arts in Computer Science from Gustavus Adolphus College in Southern Minnesota. After moving to Arizona, Luther spent his career building web APIs and utilities for various industries in PHP and NodeJS before migrating to Open Source DevOps tooling using Containers and Virtualization.

Luther is an Open Source developer mostly writing Go and working in the Kubernetes space by way of his employer SUSE and their Multi-Cluster Management tool Rancher. As the Team Lead for the Windows on Rancher he has spent time specializing in Kubernetes working on alternative operating systems and architectures including arm64 and s390x. Working in this unique space and working from home full time has made him a home lab aficionado and consumer of Proxmox VE.

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Luther is a 20+ year software veteran specializing in backend APIs and architecting products. Employed at SUSE as the Team Lead for the Containers on Windows Team working on Rancher + Kubernetes