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Luther Monson

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Part of a hobby of mine is running a home lab and using on Proxmox VE to do the virtualization. Since I work in the space I’m slowly trying to build tooling around Proxmox that will let me use the home lab full time for work. Usually my work involves building Kubernetes management tooling, you can imagine waiting for public cloud APIs all day can take away hours of your day at cost to your employer for both your time and the compute resources.

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I recently had to spend some time to learn Cue and felt the examples/tutorials were a bit lacking and the paradigm shift to the entire language sort of messed with my head and some things Cue does were a bit foreign to me. To get started, note that the two places I spent all of my time to get this information came from their main docs and a community Cuetorials site. This will be a tutorial on how you can use Cue to generate two different YAML documents using Cue all starting with Go types to…

Free Blog Hosting Using Hugo + Github Pages

Upgrade your Personal Blog Game with Apex Records for No Cost

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Since I just rode this merry-go-round here is a quick overview of how you can achieve a professional looking personal blog with custom DNS with minimal effort at no cost and completely run out of a single Github Repository.

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Luther is a 20+ year software veteran specializing in backend APIs and architecting products. Employed at SUSE as the Team Lead for the Containers on Windows Team working on Rancher + Kubernetes